I use one of the most widely used and most multi-functional DAWs out there: Logic Pro X. It’s used by pro-level producers, songwriters, engineers, and composers of all types to achieve the sound they’re searching for. Logic is also extremely affordable as far as DAWs go, making it perfect for the home-recording musician.
This basic course will get you composing, recording, and editing both audio and MIDI, as well as manipulating effects in Logic Pro X fluidly. You’ll get comfortable navigating around the environment and using Logic’s many features to express yourself creatively, while creating a consistent body of new work.

This course is for any home-recording musicians, producers, or instrumentalists who are new to working in DAWs, and want to get up and running making music in Logic Pro X, regardless of style or genre. You’ll need a copy of Logic Pro X to get the most out of the course.

By the end of this course, you’ll be comfortable writing and editing complete tracks in Logic, and starting to get your mixes sounding awesome in a rough state.

Four Week Course – In House & Online available.
Fees: €120
Tues 12th July – 2nd Aug
Time: 10am-12pm or 7pm-9pm



Now you’re ready to record your own work. In this course Maria will take you through the process of recording a professional-grade demo in a day using only two microphones. The course covers the “basics” — how to record all of your instruments and sort out your arrangement so you have a track you can be proud of at home. Don’t think of it as recording a “demo” — you’ll be learning how to do a lot with very little. Throughout the course, you’ll follow along as singer-songwriter Maria records an original track.

Four Week Course – In House or Online
Fees: €120
Tues 9th – 30th Aug
Time: 10am – 12pm or 7pm-9pm


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