Songwriting services provided…

  • Sync and Licensing Maria’s songs: Maria has a diversified library of songs with 100% ownership of all publishing of her works, available for TV/Film Soundtrack, Documentary, Commercials, Games. Click here to access library
  • Recording Artist: Request Maria to write a song tailored to your genre, sound and style or request password and choose songs from Maria’s original extensive library,
  • Music for your Event: Request Maria to compose a song or jingle to highlight a themed event.
  • Music for Theatre: Broadway musicals, Theatre productions.
  • Genres: Modern, Contemporary, Alternative, Folk, Pop, Musical Theatre, Celtic, American Country bluegrass, Pulsating Ballads.
  • Get your song critiqued: Submit your song online and Maria will help develop your melody, create a story board using lyrics, word rhyme, get around writers block, how to structure Verse, Chorus, Bridge. Create a hook , the Do’s & Don’ts in songwriting, and what makes a hit. Having lived & toured in NY, Nashville & LA, Maria has masterclassed and written with top No 1 writers from Nashville ‘Kostas Lasarides (What a Cryin Shame – Mavericks), John Charles Quarto-(Garth Brooks & Crosby Steal & Nash) & Charlie McGettigan.
Click here for a Song Critique